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ATM Card:
The Maynard Savings Bank ATM card gives you 24 hour banking 365 days a year.

Make deposits, withdraw cash, transfer funds, and obtain balance information on your deposit accounts.
  • There is no annual fee to the ATM card.
  • There is a $1.00 charge for each ATM transaction at machines without the Privileged Status Sign.
  • Daily withdrawal limit of $200.00

ATM Locations
We have two convenient ATM locations. Our Hazleton Branch for depositing or withdrawing cash 24/7 and our Hawkeye Branch's cash withdrawal only ATM located at the convenience store Gas N Goods in downtown Hawkeye available 6AM - 9PM daily.

We are a participant in SHAZAM’s Priviledged Status program that entitles our customers access to thousands of surcharge-free ATMs throughout the country.
Stop in and check out our competitive deposit and loan rates. One of our friendly employees would be happy to assist you in opening the right account for you.
Shazam® Chek Cards
(Checking Account Required)

The Maynard Savings Bank Shazam Chek card gives you the same convenience of the ATM card plus the ability to leave your check book at home. Use the Chek card to make purchases (like a credit card) only it accesses your checking account.
  • There is no annual fee to the Shazam Chek Card.
  • There is no charge for Shazam Chek transactions at machines owned by Maynard Savings Bank.
  • There is a $1.00 charge for each Shazam Chek transaction at machines without the Privileged Status Signs.
  • Daily withdrawal limit is $200.00.
  • Card issuance is subject to proper application and approval.
Everyone is incredibly busy with work, kids, cooking, shopping, & hopefully some time to relax. Don’t spend your precious time standing in line at the bank on payday. Consider Direct Deposit.

Why Individuals Choose Direct Deposit
  • Convenience: You have faster accesss to your funds and you never have to drive to the bank to cash your paycheck.
  • Worry-free: You never have to worry about lost or stolen checks. Your payment will reach your account the day the check is issued even if you are out of town, sick, or unable to get to the bank.
  • Reliable: You have more control over your money because your funds are deposited regularly and on time, in most cases, on the morning of payday.

How It Works
With Direct Deposit, you authorize your employer or federal agency, like the Social Security Administration, or a pension retirement or annuity fund company, to deposit your check directly into your Maynard Savings Bank account. The funds are electronically transferred through the Automatic Clearing House (ACH).

Sign Up Today
Complete a form from your payroll office to authorize the direct deposit into your Maynard Savings Bank account. You will need the following information:
  • The bank's routing number
  • Your bank account number
Boxes available at all locations
Various sizes
****Contents not FDIC insured.
Don’t spend time rummaging through your files. Paperless is the way to go. View your account statements online anytime at Maynard Savings Bank. An e-Statement looks just like the traditional paper statement, but can be easily saved, printed, or downloaded.

Why Individuals Choose e-Statements
Electronic statements are becoming the new standard in the banking industry. They provide a host of benefits including:
  • Convenience: View online anytime, anywhere, and accrue up to 18-months of statement history
  • Security: Access online on a highly secure website; no more printed statements sitting in your mailbox.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Cut down on unnecessary paper and printing costs.

Contact a Maynard Savings Bank representative to Get Started TODAY!