October 8, 2020

Dear Customer:

The Bank is proud to announce that it will reopen its lobby on October 19, 2020. Of course, the safety of our customers and employees is our paramount concern. Therefore, we are advising you of the consistent measures we are implementing, as well as our expectations of you and our employees in order to mitigate the risk of spreading Covid-19. While we welcome you back to the lobby, we still encourage you to use the drive through, the mobile app or our website to conduct your banking to the extent it is practical and convenient.

            We will be conducting increased cleaning of the lobby, high touch surfaces, and other areas accessible to the public with OSHA and EPA approved cleaning supplies.

Customer Expectations: 

1.      For your safety, the safety of other customers and our valued employees, do not enter the Bank when (a) you have been advised by a federal, state or local agency to quarantine; (b) have been advised by a health care provider to quarantine; (c) you are symptomatic for Covid-19;  (d) you know you have been exposed to Covid-19; or (e) you are within 14 days of returning from international travel.

2.      We recommend when you enter the lobby, use a face mask or shield.

3.      Teller stations will have sneeze/cough guards, but if you want an in-person meeting with staff beyond the teller station, please call ahead.  We may request you answer a few questions about the issues in paragraph 1, before we schedule an in-person meeting.

4.      If you enter the lobby exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms, we will ask you to leave.

5.      Please limit the number of people you bring with you on your trip to the bank.  Lobby capacity will be monitored. and could be limited if customers and employees cannot maintain a safe distance.

6.      Respect social distancing-please do not stand closer than six feet from the next customer or any employee.

7.      When in the lobby, please cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue and properly dispose of the tissue/use hand sanitizer conveniently located around the lobby.

8.      Lobby restrooms will be closed to the public, except in emergencies.

9.      When you use a bank pen, please take it with you.

Similarly, we will take all steps to ensure our employees do not come to work while symptomatic, if they have been advised to quarantine, or if they have been exposed to Covid-19. Employees will be keeping lists of each person with whom they come into contact, in order to assist with contact tracing in the unlikely event that information is needed.

            We are happy to help you navigate the “new normal” for your safety and ours! We look forward to seeing you in the lobby again!

Maynard Savings Bank